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Date: March 28, 2021
Phone: 2818274396
Website: www.drmerleray.com

Join me with Dr. Cassandra Scott!


Co-partner with me to unlock your potential and  achieve greater business and personal results.


Tap into 6 advancing assets that help you attract 6-figures and beyond.


Get my books. Get mentored. Get connected. Get delivered.


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Connect with me and Dr. Cassandra Scott to “Birth Your Brilliance” in our 9-month bootcamp for birthing visions plus 3-months of aftercare. I created this program for my very good friend, Dr. Cassandra Scott to empower YOU to produce! Join us for the graduation of our Birth Your Brilliance™ participants and you’ll be able to set a date to become a part of our upcoming new “Birth Your Brilliance” session. You’ll get to work with me at a huge discount off my regular client rate!

What you get:

Motivation. Inspiration. Empowerment.

Better focus in the natural and physical.

Reach your objectives.

Improve your relationships

Identify your God-given brilliance.

All The Tools You Need To Improve

In this very special joint-partnership, we’ll take you through all of the materials and programs that we have developed and created for the Dr. Cassandra Scott and Dr. Merle Ray brand. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to see and experience what we do together when working with you, your leaders, and congregation.

“Birth Your Brilliance™” is a prime example of my teamwork with a leading pastor in the community.

What will you do in “Birth Your Brilliance?”

First in the program, you will go through the book, Created2Produce, written by Dr. Cassandra Scott (aka Dr. C). From her, you’ll receive 3 COACHING SESSIONS 1-ON-1. Next from me, you’ll receive a SPECIAL BONUS PACK of my transformational teaching and lessons, and the best part is you get to utilize these tools for your personal, professional, or spiritual growth as you work with us on a weekly basis to deliver what God gives you during the birthing process.

Join us in this one-of-a-kind labor and delivery program. Sign-up for the “Strategic Partners” plan and you will work with me directly to produce and publish a book, journal, or devotional of your choice.

Explore what it’s like to work with Dr. Cassandra Scott and me as your spiritual mid-wives in a mentoring and coaching relationship.

Complete the 9-month birthing and you will enjoy a grand graduation celebration complete with a discounted ticket to Dr. Scott’s live conference.

All fees, events, and activities in the Birth Your Brilliance Program are subject to change without prior notice.